We project and build skateparks

Concrete Skateparks at place done by professionals

We build skateparks for all type of clients. We adapt the projects to the characteristics, conditions and requires of each case. We base in the resources optimization determined by our wide experience with dozens of clients in and abroad our country. We mainly work for public companies, although our client network is centered in four groups:

  • Councils
  • Construction companies
  • Private companies
  • Individuals

Integral design management and skateparks construction

The main characteristic of Zut Skateparks is its capacity of addressing the complete skatepark creation process, as well as adjacent processes in the skateboarding world environment. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive advice
  • Custom design
  • Architectural projects
  • Construction management
  • Maintenance, repairing, remodel and extensions
  • Skatepark painting
  • Opening events and demonstrations

We are the only global company that offers the whole process of skatepark construction


The “Know how” of skateboard

The difference between a good skatepark and one build without technical advice can be almost catastrophic. With expensive projects and often public, facilities without the oblige technical and functional specifications, can easily cause a wide reject form the users, with the negative consequences that this lead to as much on the public side as on the private one.

Skateboarding world and specifically skateparks’s world is a complicated one, highly technical and with unique characteristics. In Zut Skateparks we have the “know how” and more than 20 years of experience.

Immediately presence

We move without delay to solve any kind of technical or general doubt about projects, development and construction of skateparks, and we keep contact to solve any kind of issue about the whole or part of the process of building skateparks.

Construction management

We offer the construction management as a specific service, contributing with our wide experience in skateparks construction. We also contribute with the capacity of solving unexpected issue at place, in order to optimize to its fullest the quality, functionality and use of the facilities.

Integral advice

One of our company’s pillars, based on our wide experience, is the advising of the whole or part of an skatepark creation process, both to public and private companies as well as individuals. From original ideas, to the project and construction development.

Public procurement

A service that increasingly is been demanded by councils is the advising on the public procurement and tenders, where we contribute with our experience, to avoid companies without skatepark construction knowledge can cause issues to the skatepark project or construction.


We improve facilities, as much in the field of reforms as in the extension of skateparks, as well as at the aesthetic level, offering a clean up service of ramps and cover of graffitis, restoring the original color and grip of the concrete to the facilities.

Decoration, events…

With our own decoration and muralism department for skateparks and surroundings, we also offer the management of skate events, as openings, contests or demos, supported by our huge network of contacts.

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