Design and construction technique of our skateparks

Well-built skateparks

The main characteristic that distinguish us from other competitors is the fact that Zut covers the whole skatepark construction development process.

The capacity of designing, projecting, and building a whole skatepark, makes our company the best option when it’s time to face the construction of the facilities, with the certainty of focusing correctly the work since the beginning until the end.

Experience and knowledge of the skateboarding world

More than 20 years of field experience and a whole life dedicated to skateboarding provides Zut of the highest warranty and reliability when it’s time to face skatepark construction projects.

Zut is the only skatepark building company that has the capacity to face global projects and more than 20 years of experience.

We cover the skateparks whole creating process

All sort of concrete skateparks

We design

We make the most of the plot, we get in touch with the local skating community and creativity with no limits.

We project

A technical expert team with lots of experience in the architectural projects creation and cost calculation.

We build

We have a wide range of knowledge and experience in the construction methods and best suitable materials.

We design skateparks

Day dreaming incredible skateparks

The fact that the hard core of our company are skaters since we were teenagers, not only transforme us in experts in the matter, also in authentic fans of the skateparks, always investigating, visiting and trying skateboard facilities at international level, always imaging and figuring curves and units in our imagination.

We are experts in all type of skateparks designs, skate-plazas, street-skate, bowls, pools, surf-skateparks, flow-parks…

Our creative team is capable of designing any type of skatepark structure, being updated of the novelties and latest trends at international level.

Making the most of the land plot and landscaping

The base from which we start the project is the land plot. We always try to use all the possible space offered, whether it is a huge skatepark or a small one, we never consider a project as a minor one, and we design the space so it’s fully used from the sports point of view, facilities and landscape integration.

Citizen participation

It is important when it’s time to challenge the skatepark design to establish communication with the local skateboard community and get to know the history of the sport in the area, so to not duplicate projects and fully satisfy the final users of the facilities. Once more, our years of experience in the skateboard scene, since the beginnings at national level, give us a complete capacity to deal with the users, representatives and local institutions and clubs so to be able to transfer their needs to our designs, contributing with our valuable professional advice.

Our wide experience in the study of optimum use of the land plot together with the huge creativity of our team, and the direct communication with the skaters result in the most incredible skatepark designs.

Professional skatepark projects

Proved architecture studios

Our technical team is formed by a few architecture studios based in Spain and France. Working hand to hand with architects with great experience and specialized in this kind of facilities, allow us to make complete architecture projects.

We adapt our architecture projects to each construction and client, both for public institutions and councils as well as private companies.

Land plot optimal use and landscaping

Another of the advantages of working with a confidence architect team with great experience in construction projects, is the planning of the skateparks from the landscaping point of view, where we bear in mind the areas surrounding the skateboarding modules and their public use.

We are capable of developing architecture projects at a national level as well as international range.

3D skateparks

One of the advantages of our design process are the graphic representations we produce, starting with project sketches we slowly give shape till we start working with the latest shaping 3D technologies, that provide reality to the exceptional presentations when undertaking the projects.

Experience and detail

More than twenty years of experience and countless of skatepark projects back us when is time to undertake new works.

Our projects always consider the most important facts of a construction like location, surface, type of facility, costs and budget, deadlines, contracts, etc, to the finishings last details.

Technical team of experts with a huge experience in creating architect projects and cost calculation.

Perfect construction skateparks

Technique, experience and function

Experience is our main skatepark construction tool. With dozens of skateparks build Zut is the company with the most experience workers in all areas and stages of the construction.

Skateparks need a certain typology of undertaking. The construction stage is were you risk all the creation process of a skatepark.

In Zut we warranty the success of each undertake, knowing that not only is going to be faithful to its design and project, but also to the end use function, making sure that the practice of the sport will be possible in optimal conditions and without any kind of issues.

Capacity, professionalism and adaptation

Another great characteristic in our skatepark construction side, is the capacity to improve situations and unexpected events during the work. As we take part in all the creativity process of the construction, from the design, the project and construction, our capacity of adaptation and solution of unexpected events at place is total.

We keep to the stages and costs in a professional and experience way, having earn the trust of tens of satisfy clients.

Best team with the best of the tools

Besides of a great human well trained and experienced team, we technical count with our own specialized machinery, like our guniting system, a team with more than 30 years of experience, and all the appropriate machinery for the special finishings that this type of constructions require.

We are leading experts in concrete and all the appropriate materials. In fact we were pioneers in the use of specialized machinery, and the first company in using and introducing in the market the famous “tiles” for “bowls” and “pools” nowadays characteristic of a worthy self-respecting quality concrete skatepark.

A experienced working team with highly capacity of adaptation to all kind of constructions

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